Ozarkcon 2009

A gathering of qrp afficionados from all over met in Branson, MO for a weekend of fun! The highlight for me was having our grandson along for the fun and helping him learn to solder in the Friday night Buildathon. Killian is 13 and seems to have a real knack for making solder smoke. His first kit was a success! Thanks to all the elmers who pitched in with tips and encouragement! My wife, Connie did a great writeup on our blog that has more photos and info with the perspective of a non-ham & grandma!

Uncle Cy, The LED Guy, gave Killian a lesson in how to handle LED circuits and a sample LED to try his newly learned knowledge! It worked and Killian was thrilled and wanted to make more.

Doug Hendricks, KI6DS and owner of QRPKITS.COM, as an educator took a real interest in Killian and presented him with a PCB vise and a couple of door prize items!

Despite poor weather during this weekend, we have some great memories and will look forward to getting back together with the Four States QRP Group in the future! Special thanks to Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB for the photo he sent us by email.

Hello world!

CQ cyberspace QRP ops de K4UPG

Today I launch a new blog to record my ham radio adventures and share the hobby with anyone who visits these pages.

Will post an occasional photo from one of the many places where I setup an antenna and test the airwaves with one of my rigs. I enjoy building kits and have a Two Tin Tuna and Sudden Storm for 40m and a Ten Tec Argonaut 509 as my main rig. I have a Ten Tec 1253 Regen receiver and a 1320 kit in line to be built with a few mods. My current project is a Wilderness Radio SST for 30m for those times when the big gun contesters make it hard for we QRP types to find a qso!

Stay tuned as I start tweaking and filling this site up with good stuff.


Kelly K4UPG