Speculation-Biased Speculation…

If you are old enough, I bet you remember the game Fascination and that song in the commercial that stuck in your head all these years? For you new ones, here’s that commercial in YouTube format.

If you change the word fascination to Speculation, that naggy song becomes Speculation, Biased Speculation… the game we love to play! Seems like today’s political and journalistic culture has invaded ham radio if you follow the threads on QRP-L reflector about the Ten Tec 539 which is yet to be released. It has been diced, sliced and all sorts of factless speculation has already been thrown out as to why it won’t be popular or competitive with brand x’s new scrumpdillyicious xcvr. Whew!

I think it is a sad sign of the  times that instead of waiting for things to be released publically and from the source, products are already condemned as unworthy and judged based on hearsay and not true facts. It is bad enough that our culture does that in tv news broadcasts. Everyday we endure seeing the accused virtually tried and convicted on the screen by endless talk show hosts and experts often months before the courts are convened. I hate to see that culture spilling over from the current US political context where finger-pointing, wild speculation, and always attempting to  avoid responsibility and accountability begins to be spewed out on our hobby.

I for one will look forward to the final roll out of what looks like a very nice new transceiver from a US company before I make that buying decision.  Might be something I want, but who can tell until the process is finished and we get to see the final product? From here, it looks promising despite the speculation that is taking over all the airwaves and culture here in the USA. As for me and my house, we will wait for the facts!


Kelly K4UPG

Hello world!

CQ cyberspace QRP ops de K4UPG

Today I launch a new blog to record my ham radio adventures and share the hobby with anyone who visits these pages.

Will post an occasional photo from one of the many places where I setup an antenna and test the airwaves with one of my rigs. I enjoy building kits and have a Two Tin Tuna and Sudden Storm for 40m and a Ten Tec Argonaut 509 as my main rig. I have a Ten Tec 1253 Regen receiver and a 1320 kit in line to be built with a few mods. My current project is a Wilderness Radio SST for 30m for those times when the big gun contesters make it hard for we QRP types to find a qso!

Stay tuned as I start tweaking and filling this site up with good stuff.


Kelly K4UPG