Hamcation 2013 and QRP

One of my favorite events is the Orlando Hamcation. This year I didn’t really have a “get list” so could enjoy more time with fellow QRP ops. Our Central FL QRP Group regular Jim Diggs K4AHO helped us get a QRP Forum and Jim Stafford W4QO came in from Georgia to help bring a good session about working DXCC with QRP. Wow! Jim also did a lot of recruiting of QRP ops as he manned the QRP ARCI booth and allowed us to hang out and assist. We had quite a good turnout of QRP Ops from FL and all over the US and a few overseas members too!


W4QOatHamcation2013QRPForum CFLQRPHamcation2013 Crowd at Hamcation 2013 QRPARCI booth Hamcation2013demoN4KGL  Carl AA2JZ brought some of his homebrew masterpieces and along with some QRP rigs W4QO displayed we got a lot if interests and questions on what was in the Altoids tins.

After the QRP Forum, Greg N4KGL gave us a demo of his Alex Loop and KX-3 at a nearby picnic table. The weather and bands were both cooperative and we were all impressed with the way the antenna and rig set up and operated!

Thanks to all who joined in the fun. Check out our Central FL QRP Group blog for details on our outings.


  1. says

    I have heard lots about he Alex loop and that it is both portable but at the same time works great! Very nice pic’s of the event and nice to see the interest in QRP op.

  2. kmack says

    Hi Mike! Wish you could have joined the fun with us! The Alex Loop is really simple to set up, hears very well and gets out amazingly well too. It is a good complement to the KX-3 I think and is a nice quick setup for antenna restricted guys like me. Quality construction and packaging make it a nice antenna. Stay warm up there in the north good friend! 72, Kelly K4UPG

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