QRP TTF 2012

Great weather here in Orlando for a good afternoon of QRP Portable. The QRP To The Field contest is always a good time to get out and give out a few more points to the serious contesters. I enjoy the concentrated QRP contacts and hearing my virtual friends once again. Every QRP event has a few regulars that are almost always heard. This year the bands were only so-so in Florida with lots of QSB on 20m which was by far the best for the day. It was solid at times and then signals would suddenly drop to the noise level which made RST reporting fun!

Just above sea level
Mt. Cedar Tree: Just above sea level

Because of band conditions, I spent most of the 4 hours on 2om, but I did check 15 and 10m on an hourly basis. To do that, I pulled out my Ten Tec Argonaut 509 and used a Buddistick with the base up about 12 ft.  I called CQ about 50 times on 15 m but heard almost nothing on 10m all day. On 15m I heard a couple Eu  (IV4 and DK)  stations but was not getting a response to my calls and only heard 1 or 2 US stations so I assume the band conditions here weren’t quite right for those two bands.

Managed 18 QSO’s in 4 hrs of switching between my Wilderness Sierra to an EFHW, Delta Loop for 20m, and the Buddistick / Argonaut combo for 15 and 10m.  40 m was full of Florida QSO Party stations and a couple of nearby (within 4 miles) stations were pounding my receiver and causing the AGC to go nuts when I tuned across them so I only managed a single contact on 40 before retreating back to 20m.

I’ll be looking to give out more points in upcoming contests. So call CQ and I’ll be out there lookin’ fer ya!


Kelly K4UPG

BS goin' up
Buddistick on the way up


  1. says

    Good morning Kelly, looks like the weather there was great for the weekend to bad the bands were not. I too was out on Saturday with my K2 on the deck at home. The weather here was not that great I was not able to make any contacts due to a looming storm and poor band conditions.

  2. kmack says

    Yes the wx was nice, a bit hot, but nice! Further south they got LOTS of rain and even some local flooding, but we missed that. Guess you cannot have everything, eh? Last year the wx was OK and bands were zippo so I don’t think I even submitted a log. That’s a lot harder pill to swallow, isn’t it. Didn’t hear a VE call all day which is pretty unusual.
    72, Kelly K4UPG

  3. Larry W2LJ says

    Hey Kelly!

    Tried working you on 20 Meters; but I think it was K8LJ that you ended up going back to. I tried again in a bit; but then the band collapsed and I didn’t hear you again.

    Larry W2LJ

  4. kmack says

    Shucks! I was hoping to hear you… I did work the K8LJ and heard about 3 or 4 stations calling at the same time but he was the squeakiest wheel so got my attention. Sure was strange the way the band would drop out suddenly! Be watching for you in the future! Want to hear that new rig soon!
    72, Kelly K4UPG

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