Breaking News…Grinches ALMOST Stole My Favorite SDR Site

BREAKING NEWS!  Mack has rebooted and is back online. It is a huge blessing  and thanks again to Mack and the host of others who serve all of us! YAHOOO>>> Grinches lose! W4AX.COM is online again! Belay my last!

A few years ago, we did not know the term, Software Defined Radio but now it has become one of many new technologies that we hams are learning to adapt to our needs. As an antenna restricted condo dweller, I’ve found it most helpful for being able to listen to the bands at various times through the day. Screenshot during IARU CW contest

Yesterday I learned my favorite site, is shut down due to abuse by non-hams and other constraints. A big thanks to Mack, W4AX and others who are the unsung heros that provide services like these and have allowed access to others over the years. The Reverse Beacon Network is another great service and we often forget the time and expense that our fellow hams have put into keeping them going.  As a blogger with multiple sites, I understand the challenges and resources it takes all too well.

I’ll miss being able to check the bands 24 x 7 on my favorite site, but perhaps it will prompt me and others to set up our own SDR site and share it with others. I salute those who like Mack paved the way for new technology to provide access to so many hams. Sorry that the burden got too heavy to keep it going, but know your work was appreciated by many. I’ll be sure to let others who are working behind the scenes know that they are appreciated too.

Blessings gang of pioneers and Happy Holidays to you all!


Kelly K4UPG


  1. says

    Good evening Kelly, up until your blog post I have never heard of W4AX’s site and I too live in a very antenna restricted area. I had an SDR (LP-Pan) and it was hooked up to an attic active antenna. Not great but kinda did an ok job. This site in which I am going to look at in detail will be a great help.

  2. kmack says

    Always good to hear from you Mike! I have had a blast listening to the mail on site. It works pretty well and is in the general area of the SE US so gives me an idea how the bands might be locally. I’ve wondered if I could use it for a receiver and xmit with my Argonaut on some of the bands that I don’t have modules for with my Sierra. Enjoy the site!

    Merry Christmas too!

    Kelly K4UPG

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