Anticipation – – – HAMCATION & IDGOTAES

Tailgate action as K4UPG buys a MFJ 207

Wahoo! It is that time of year again. I am counting down the days to one of my favorite ham radio activities… Orlando Hamcation is coming on Feb 11-13.

After reading the editorial in the new issue of World Radio Online a cord was struck that resonated with this here ham. I realized that I have a common disease. The article says, “Seems there are a lot of radio amateurs suffering from IDGOTAES.” OH NO… I have it. Throughout the month of December and most all of January, I’ve been sidetracked with other priorities and without realizing it have become afflicted with IDGOTAES. ( “I Don’t Get On the Air Enough Syndrome” )  This is a bad one and only can be cured by some serious outdoor QRP activity if you are a true portable QRP op like me.

Praise the Lord, there’s some good opportunities to get on the air coming up and one cannot find a better place to stock up on goodies than the vendors, swap tables and tailgate are  of HAMCATION. So kick off the winter snow-bound blues and git on down here and enjoy with me.

Feeding frenzy at the vendor area of Hamcation!
Tailgate area is HUGE!

We’ll be holding an unofficial gathering of QRP types on Saturday Feb 12, 2011 at Hamcation. Let’s meet up at noon at the QRP ARCI booth and swap stories and get to know one another. Look for the wild eyed guy in the bright yellow cap that says K4UPG on it and his very distinctively white haired partner Jim K4AHO won’t be far away! Be there and let’s get over this dreaded disease together as we plan some Central Florida QRP Group outings for the rest of the year.  QNI? Ya hear?


Kelly K4UPG PB #173


  1. Henry W5HNS says


    As a QRPer you can create your own on-the-air activities if that is required. Personally I enjoy the battery operated QRP radios on portable antennas somewhere in the outdoors. If you are a sports fan, Set up at Kissimmee during the Astros spring training session. That should kick off just about the time of the Orlando Hamfest.

    I have decided to try and work WAS from a particular portable location and/or with a particular radio.

    All kinds of excuses to get on the air.

    Go for it.

    Henry W5HNS

  2. Alex says

    IDGOTAES is a self-induced syndrome with the primary cause being a fixation to this infernal thing I’m typing on at the moment.
    Too much Interneting leads to no Ham Operating, so therefore one hears the I don’t have enuff time to operate. Yeah ya do, git offin the dadgummed computer.
    I love Henry’s note to you in that one can set up portable and create your own activity. We shudn’t need a FYBO or Bumble Bee or PolarBear event to get out and op, AND ya don’t have to spot, tweet or give 99 hours prenotice that you’re headin’ out for an operating session.
    I love the working WAS from one portable location AND with a specific Qrp radio, AND one type of antennae, way to go Henry!!! GREAT idea.

    My soapbox is startin’ to crumble
    73 Alex K5UNY

  3. says

    Wish I could have been there. I enjoy the Orlando Hamfest. Were any notable QRPers there?


  4. kmack says

    Steve! Glad you are back on the air! Sorry I missed last weekend’s fun but had to replace our only vehicle that got totaled. Grrrrr!

    We had a gathering on Saturday and a few good ones out there. We hope to maybe have a bigger get together next year. How’s the new home working out?

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

  5. says

    Hello Kelly,
    Hey we missed you at OzarkCon. We had a great time again and built a cool little .6 Watt transceiver called the Ham Can. Fits in an Armor Deviled Ham can. Fun project..
    Signed up for the ARRL Teachers Inistitue, hope I get picked.
    73’s Dar W9HZC – Omaha

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