Computer Does Not Save Time

Remember when we used to think computers would save us time?

Why did we think the computer would save us time?

I spent the last 6 hours running updates, fixing the problems the updates created and figuring out how to install the updates that would not install automagically. Grrrrrrr!

Think I need some time to play radio, but I won’t be taking a SDR radio with me for a bit. Grrrrr…. need to recover from the 26 reboots and all the time wasted surfing and reading the small print.

Good thing there is a QRP ARCI event this weekend and the following weekend is our Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event. Grrrr! I’m ready for some CW. CU on the bands!


Kelly K4UPG PB #173


  1. says

    Yes Kelly when the computer gods are not happy lots time, energy and aggravation can be wasted.

  2. says

    That reminds me, Acronis Non-stop Backup stopped working a couple of days ago. I received a bunch of updates at that time. I need to do a restore back to Monday and see if it fixes it. If it does, I think automatic updates will be turned off because I don’t have 6 hours to waste troubleshooting the problem.

  3. kmack says

    Amen! I have never trusted the auto updates… like to drag my feet a bit to get the feedback from groups like Windoze Secrets, etc. before taking the plunge. One area it pays to not be an early adopter.

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

  4. Alex says

    Oh Yes, Technology, can’t live with it, and can’t live without it!!
    SDR radio seems to fall into that same category. WHY would anyone in their right mind spend thousands of dollars (or other currency) on a radio black box that is dependent on an external computer for its functionality? Those folks are great marketeers.
    Paper logging(still),no laptop to the field, wooden pencils, mechanical hand keys,simple antennas, no tweets, APRS, spotting clusters etc, no 2.4Ghz links, we need to get back to the basics, but alas and alack we are a society and getting to be a global society(thats a sad thing) needing instant gratification.
    K.I.S.S. or What would happen if all the fancy shmancy techie stuff quit working? Well for one thing I wouldn’t be sitting here in front of my IBM T-400 laptop typing this crazy comment!
    Kelly sign up for October and November PB event!!!!!

    73 and GL to all
    Alex K5UNY PB 105

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