Duh: Learning Curve #4 Oops I did it again!

Ever see one of those tie bars or pins that say, “IYKDWYBDYKGWYBG”  My dad had one back in the days when men wore ties. The thing used to bug me cause he didn’t tell us what it meant right away. We tried guessing for a few days before he got tired of 7 kids all ganging up on him.

It is the famous If You Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing, You’ll Keep Getting What You’ve Been Getting!” Not sure who gets the credit for that one, but it sure stuck with me all these years. Of course, I’ve heard my bosses recite it a few times along the way too.

Hole in the Head?
It only hurts when I laugh, or think, or move, or...use a new antenna in a contest!

That’s what this series of posts is about. Not repeating mistakes I’ve made. Maybe you can learn from my mistakes and save a bit of time. Or maybe you’ll just get a laugh and some relief from knowing someone else made the same mistake you’ve made. HA!

Well, last night, I did not follow my own advice. I put together a new antenna a few hours before the NAQCC Sprint and set it up. LESSON: As previously mentioned, don’t try to use a brand new antenna in a contest.

Ooops I did it again. Strike TWO! It was a disappointing night and too late to try to get another antenna up before the 2 hour sprint was over. So no contacts for me, I’m still scratching  my head. Was it the antenna, me, or the band conditions? BUT… I don’t think I’ll pull that one again. Unless I have a hole in my head…


Kelly K4UPG

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  1. NF8M says

    At least it wasn’t the CQWW or something big. There will be another NAQCC sprint next month, and you got to find out how your new antenna performed with an ample supply of QRPers on the air. 72

  2. kmack says

    True! I am more of a Contest Point Giver but it hurt my feelings more than anything to make the same mistake twice! :-)

    Not too bad… just worked France with 2 watts with that new antenna! At least 20m band works…

    thanks for your encouragement.

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

  3. says

    Afternoon Kelly, I understand what you are saying and I too have not heeded to that advice in the past. I have updated my contest program just before a contest, not a good idea!! I was not sure if the bug a boo’s were from the new update or were there all along. I now keep an old reliable version on my desktop to install when all else fails with the new download.

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