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Spent my birthday participating (casually) in the Straight Key Century Club Weekend Sprint. My Lake Fredrica neighborhood site was where I set up my shelter and 3 antennas. I had a 40m dipole fed with twinlead up 40 ft and running E-W. An End Fed Halfwave for 20m was nearly vertical suspended by a nearby tree. A twinlead 44 ft doublet on my 20 ft Jackite with the ends at 16 feet was setup running N-S to give me a bit of a mini-smorgasbord of antenna choices. Since it was really sunny, I hooked up my ACME GC100 Solar Charger and VW Solar Panel.

Bands were decent with 40m quiet and some DX coming through early from Eu stations. Nice to hear that again. 20m came alive and was pretty much the go to band for the majority of the day. I did check 15m a couple times but did not hear much and no one replied to my CQ’s.

In the middle of a QSO, my Jackite pole decided to collapse but I was able to finish the QSO with one end of the dipole about 4 feet above the ground. hi hi

The highlight of the day was my last QSO with EA3NO, Lluis in Spain. As the special station for the sprint there was a lot of competition but Lluis hung in there with my weak signal and pulled me out of the crowd after a couple attempts. THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT Lluis!

Still wondering what a CPG is? Contest Point Giver! I am a really casual contester. Really the only reason I participate is that contests offer a fairly good opportunity to make some QSO’s. When you are QRP you have to do a lot of listening, plus pounce and search, but serious contesters will dig out weak signals to make the QSO’s so it is fun. I enjoy giving out points and reading the mail on ops that are faster than my cw comfort zone. Good practice, eh?

Here’s some photos from the day. Enjoy!


Kelly K4UPG PB #173 SKCC #5415


  1. kmack says

    Hi Larry!
    Thought I might hear you over the weekend. Did work a few NJ stations and the bands were pretty good.

    We lived in Indonesia for over 10 years and learned to have an acronym / abbreviation for everything from them. Their language has some pretty long words so they habitually shorten everything. Sort of like CW ops! Hi hi!

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

  2. says

    That’s a great way to spend your birthday. Nice shots over the trees with the rubber band launcher. HIHI It’s amazing how high you can get an antenna in the air with one of these isn’t it? I recently used up the entire spool on my fishing reel. I underestimated the distance over the tree and back down the other side. Ran the line completely off the reel. Felt like a real dummy. Congratulation on the Spain contact.

  3. kmack says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Yep, getting used to the right amount of oomph to get over the target limb takes some practice. (and I need more practice for sure! hi hi) I end up feathering the line too soon and leaving my sinker hanging in the air too often as I try too early to brake the projectile. Guess I’ll try to get out if the wx holds this weekend. Finally under 90F here. Yahoo!

    Kelly K4UPG PB #173

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