T Time

Labor Day here in the USA! So a day to play for most of us. Depending on the weather I may get a bit more on air time, but I have a project lined up too.

Some time ago I purchased a Deluxe Tuner kit from Dan’s Small Parts and Kits aka a QRP Mini Tuner by Mark L. Meyer as described in a 73 magazine article. It is a nice little set of parts and a schematic for the price.

T tuner
QRP Mini Tuner Kit

So I’m thinking this holiday might be the time to build that little T tuner out and see if I can load up the downspout that runs down the side of my back porch. I’ll let you know how it works!

Hope the bands hold up. Tonight’s QRP-L has a message from N4QA about how nice 40m is sounding right now! Sure would be fun to have our bands back from the QRN and low sunspot streak of late!


  1. says

    I find it is a good stress reliever to build a small kit that can be put together, tested and put into action in one evening.
    Good luck with the kit and looking forward to further blogs about the kit.

  2. Alex says

    I have one of these kits, actually for longer than I can remember, but have never gotten around to putting it together. I will be interested to see and hear of your results.
    73 Alex K5uny

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