NEScaf Filter Saves the Day
July 5th, 2010 by kmack

As one of the many antenna restricted condo owners of America, I cannot operate as often as I’d like. The hassle of putting up and taking down temporary antennas wastes time, isn’t always practical and generally spoils the fun for us.

Great that we have some holidays and time off as it allows a bit more opportunity to get on the air. The MI QRP group hosted a 4th of July Sprint and although the hour was late (7-11PM EDT) since I did not have to go to work Monday, I took advantage of the chance to work a few of my fellow QRP ops.

Rain and lightning welcomed my efforts to set up an antenna. So I forsook my normal setup and settled for a twinlead 44 foot doublet hung from my 20 foot Jackite pole which was bungee cord strapped to a ladder in the back yard of our condo. The antenna ran north south so much less than ideal, but at least I could get on the air.

NEScaf Filter

Freshly Built NEScaf saved my bacon!

The day was saved by my freshly built NEScaf filter. As one of the lucky ones, I recently received the latest edition of this great kit provided by the NE QRP bunch. It enabled me to listen to cw despite the high QRN and background hash from neighbor’s TV’s, computers and air conditioners. What a joy it is to actually hear stations through the noise. This is a must have accessory for the condo based QRP op! I am still learning to use it well, but am mega-impressed with the capabilities it offers. With this audio filter, I could null out the QRN and peak the CW signals making for much more relaxed and enjoyable copy. The extra audio boost helps my little Sierra audio too. Keep watching for the next round of kits!

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  • Alex writes:
    July 5th, 20106:42 pmat

    Looks like you did a fine job packaging the SCAF with what enclosures you had on hand. AND it works well for you and looks good!!!!!
    I have one of those kits but never took the time to put it together. I have dug out my Logikit SCAF-1 by Idiom Press and have it in line with the IC-703. I’ve had that SCAF for years. Thanks for putting your success with the HB SCAF out on the Reflector, I had forgotten what a difference they make in reducing the QRN and bringing the cw signal to the forefront.
    One day we will work on the air, or maybe I’ll get to Fla on business before thaqt day !!!!!!
    BEST 73 Alex K5UNY

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