K4UPG Back in Action!
June 6th, 2010 by kmack

Many work responsibilities have kept me off the air more than I’d like lately.

But we did manage to break away for a few days with family in Tennessee over Memorial Day. It was great to have an opportunity to get together with Chuck, AF4O the Hillybilly Bear and fellow Polar Bear QRP group member. We had an opportunity to work a bit of QRP portable in the Chickasaw State Forest in West Tennessee. It is a very natural and beautiful location and Chuck took me to his special spot in a very old and interesting cemetary set deep in the very tall hickory tree forest. Wow! I believe the latest date on the grave markers was 1927 and there were many from the early and mid 1800′s. It is a lovely and isolated spot.

K4UPG running a 30m EFHW sloper from the edge of the forest cemetary

Chuck said to bring along a screen shelter and I sure was glad I did! This was also a great spot for deer flies, hornets and other interesting biting bugs!

He had a nice setup and was running a random wire on 20m which he launched by throwing an antique glass insulator from an old telephone pole over a tree branch. He has a better arm than I do… think that heavy insulator would have broken my arm!

Back at the in-laws home in Jackson, I had some time to operate deck portable and was ably assisted by my niece Chloe. Conditions were horrible, but it was fun to be outside and hearing some sweet dits and dahs for a bit.

Now I am gearing up for the next outing of the Central Florida QRP group. The weather is HOT and the summer thunderstorms are back, but life and radio must go on… cu on the air!



AF40 downs a Mountain Dew and doesn't miss a character of CW

Chloe gives me advice on copying cw through the QRN

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  • John N8ZYA writes:
    June 15th, 20107:34 pmat

    It’s always good to operate in the field regardless of the bands…just being out there is a joy.
    Working a good fist is like hearing a good piece of music. Glad to see you’re finding some spare time now.
    Time passes to quickly so make the best of it. Getting away from all the electrical noise is half the battle. Keep up the good work!


  • kmack writes:
    June 15th, 20107:40 pmat

    Tnx fer ur comment! Yes, just being outdoors is good for one’s soul. I hope that my fist eventually reaches that ‘music’ stage, but I sure need more time on the air to perfect it.

    Hope to catch you on the air soon!

    Kelly K4UPG

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