Polar Bear on Hontoon Island

Look out Hontoon Island the Polar Bear of Florida is coming your way! Good Friday, 2 April 2010 Polar Bear QRP member #173 (aka K4UPG) will attempt to qualify Hontoon Island as a US Island on the Air by making 25 contacts including at least 2 DXCC entities.

Main pic
Hontoon Island is a beautiful place for some QRP Portable Ops

Activity will start about 1400Z after the ferry ride over to the island. Plan is to use special callsign K4T for recognition.

Look for us on 30m cw (10.106-10.116 MHz) and 20m cw 14.050-14.070 MHz and on the hour we will check 15m 21.060-21.070. If anyone shows up to assist, will also attempt ssb on 14.250-14.260 MHz island corridor. All ops will be QRP so we’ll need your help to pull us out!


Hontoon Fishing spot
Fishing is good!

If things go well, our Central Florida QRP group may consider this as a new operating site! If you are in the area, come on and check it out with us.

Closing Time is Dusk
Hontoon Island closes when the sun goes down!

Thanks to Florida State Parks for the fine pictures!

P.S. We did it 4.2.2010!  Over 30 QSO’s update coming! I am TIRED!


  1. says

    Congratulations Kelly on getting the 25 QSOs you need to register the island!

    I’ve done the same with a couple of Canadian islands before. It’s tough at QRP.


  2. kmack says

    Thanks Martin! Yes, I was wishing I had 100 watts most of the day yesterday. Would have been much simpler I am sure!

    But we did it anyway. Feels good!
    Kelly K4UPG

  3. David Hood says

    Hi Kelly! Its been way too long since we last met. Still remember the cross country trip we made in our cars to San Francisco.

    73, Dave WA9IVB Indianapolis,IN

  4. kmack says

    Wahoo! Sure has been a LONG time. That trip cross country was 1971 on the way to my training at Treasure Island US Naval Training Center. We’ll have to catch up next time I spin through Indiana. My mom and all of my brothers and sisters are still living there.
    Kelly K4UPG

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