Oil Change Parking Lot QTH

45F a bit of sun and a lot of wind! Today I escaped being selected for jury duty so opted to get the oil changed in my car! I called and my shop was not too busy and said, “come on down!” So I packed my 30m SST, BLT+ tuner and accessories and took off. Instead of sitting in the waiting area and reading out of date magazines and watching silly game shows, I walked out to the parking lot and threw some wire into a couple small trees. I only got the main 46 feet wire up about 15 feet on one end and sloped it through another small tree and out to my camping table. I ran a counterpoise of 23 feet to the same small tree and hooked up my trusty BLT+ tuner.

My Oil Change Parking Lot QTH for 30m
My Oil Change Parking Lot QTH for 30m

A quick tune found a couple week signals. I tuned the antenna a bit, called CQ with no luck, then heard a decent 579 signal calling CQ. Bill, NG3O in Columbia, MD replied and although I wasn’t strong (539) he thought he could copy me. He sure did a great job and we enjoyed a nice QSO for almost 30 minutes. Sure is pleasant to work a good fist without any QRM. He said I was his first Oil Change Parking Lot QSO.

A few minutes later, I connected with Rudy, W8RJW in Columbia, SC. He was a strong 589 and gave me a 559. We had a nice qso for several minutes too. It was a fun way to pass the time while I waited on my car maintenance to be done.

The band got pretty quiet afterwards and though I heard a few more stations, it was time to pull the plug, take down the wire and go home. I think I have figured out a new way to pass time when the opportunity is present. Hope you will give it a try too!


Kelly K4UPG


  1. says

    I’m way too self conscious to try anything like that, though your parking lot didn’t look too busy. Sure beats traipsing round the shops with the XYL while you wait, though.

    You might start a trend – how about a Worked All Parking Lots award?

  2. Alex, K5UNY says

    You absolutely amaze me with your ability to make a Oh-Hum day into a real Ham Adventure. Amen to you Brother.
    72/73 Alex K5uny

  3. kmack says

    I am blushing! and also desperate for time on the air since I have no regular operating shack due to antenna restrictions. That does give me more than average motivation.
    72 es 73,
    Kelly K4UPG

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