Central FL FYBO Team Forming!

GatorCon Mascot
GatorCon Mascot


This Saturday 6 Feb 2010 1400 -2400 UTC

Sylvan Lake Park in Sanford, FL

PLS RSVP if you can make it!

The WX guesser’s are predicting a very nice day for our annual FYBO Event (Freeze Your Buns Off!). RULES HERE

Some of the gang will meet at 0700 for breakfast at the Sanford Cracker Barrel (I-4 & SR 46 on the NE corner)

We could use some operators to fill time slots and loggers to help us keep up with the logging chores. If you like Field Day, you’ll like this event. (it’s just more fun!)

Shifts are available… PLEASE let us know if you can attend and help us in our first Multi-Station Multi-Operator event. The NM QRP guys are offering a PRIZE to the QRP Multi-Multi challengers with the best score.

The GatorCon guys need your help to put us over the top.

Leave a comment or send an email and let us know if you will be attending!

Thanks and 73,

Kelly K4UPG Jim K4AHO Don K3RLL (ex WA3ZBJ)

Wally KG4LAL Larry KJ4BR Matt W1MDG

on behalf of The Central FL QRP Group (aka the GatorCon guys!)

GatorCon Guys Luv QRP! How about you?
GatorCon Guys Luv QRP! How about you?


  1. says

    We’d really love to work with you guys but no passport and the price of gas… maybe we’ll stay in Ontario and work the contest from here. A couple of us from the Durham Region QRP club (ve3qdr) will be out on Saturday so we hope to work you on the bands. We are expecting temperatures up here this weekend to be approx. 19ºF. Good luck and stay warm.
    Jim – VE3KQN/VE3MO

  2. kmack says

    Thanks for stoppin’ by! Always good to hear from our Canadian Cousins! We’ll be listenin’ fer ya. You make our work harder since you get such a good temp multiplier! We’ll be wearing our shorts in your honor! Good luck, have fun and no frostbite, ya hear? :-)
    Kelly K4UPG

  3. Jim says

    Thanks Kelly – I’d be more then happy to split out temperature with you right about now. It’s 05:46 Saturday and the current temp is 14ºF. I just got out of a warm bed and am I ready for today? NOPE! Hopefully work ya in the contest later today. Stay warm and have a cold drink on us, I’ll be more then happy to look south during the contest and lift a hot mug of soup in your honour. I’ll post back here how we did once my fingers are capable of typing again. 72 / 73

  4. says


    Sorry we missed you in the FYBO. How did you make out?

    I went snow shoe’ing with another member of the Ottawa Valley QRP Society, we operated from a forest reserve:


    We didn’t hear Jim either but lots of stations commented on the Canadian presence in 2010’s FYBO :-)


  5. Jim says

    So how did you guys make out in the contest? We managed a poor 5 Q’s for 2 1/2 hours of operating in 16ºf temperatures. We heard nobody calling for the FYBO but the 5 we got answered our CQ. I also made 4 more after I got home later in the day. Looking forward to reading about your outting on the AZ website when they get published. CUL

  6. kmack says

    Loved your blog! We did so-so for a bunch of rookies on their first time out. Found out what we don’t know and spent more time talking than operating. Will be posting updates soon, a bit slammed with work right now.
    Kelly K4UPG

  7. kmack says

    Sounds like you fell into the dreaded black hole of rf-land too bad. Bands were fair here, we heard a few Canadian stations but not strong to Central Florida. Ended up with 29 qso’s 16 states mostly on 20m. Despite about 5 hrs of trying we had NO SSB qso’s so that was a lesson in humility. 15m opened a bit and EU stations were booming in for a short burst of fun. For a first effort, we felt happy to get out, try things and we know what we can do differently in the future. It was in high 50F most of the day but with 25-30 mph winds it felt cold to us. Better than 16F though!

    Thanks for comments and update on how you did. Hope to CU on the air soon.

    Kelly K4UPG

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