BSO day!

Today was Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event! I wore my new Polar Bear hat and it brought me luck. I setup in the 3 story prayer tower at Pioneers, my ministry headquarters. That kept me out of the weather and got me up in the air a bit which helped my W3EDP antenna do its thing.

Pioneers Headquarters Prayer Tower on left
Pioneers Headquarters Prayer Tower on left

Bands were pretty good and there were a lot of QRP signals out there as well as SKCC and FIST ops. I worked a few of my fellow Polar Bears:

  1. K6BBQ Rem in California
  2. WA8REI Ken in Michigan
  3. VA3RCS Martin in Canada operating a club call
  4. N0EVH John in MO

Then I worked a few non-PB’s and had some good QSO’s with SKCC members.

  1. AD4YB Ed in NC
  2. WD0ESF Mike in KS
  3. KK7YJ Jim in MT
  4. KK7UV Steve in MT
  5. K3y/7 Alan (K07X) in WY
  6. K2USA Howard the op in NJ on 20m SSB to test my Argonaut 509  in that mode

Next weekend is the FYBO and the Central FL QRP Group will be operating its first multi station- multi operator event at Sylvan Lake Park in Sanford, FL. If you’ll are down this way look us up. If not, give a listen for K4AHO which is the call sign we will be using.

Here’s to many good QSO’s. Thanks to all the good ops with good ears that heard my peanut whistle 2 watts today.


  1. says

    If I remember correctly that day Martin VA3SIE was operating as VA3RCS (Real Cold Spot) for the Polar Bear event.

    We use that call for several winter outings a year…


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