Nite Ops QRP Portable Style

Having fun playing radio in the backyard at my in-laws! Extra fun since I cannot keep an antenna up full time so being able to get on the air when I can is a treat.

Entered my first SKCC SKS Sprint and the rain drove me to cover but managed to make a decent first showing for a QRP guy with rusty CW.

I put together a W3EDP antenna of 84 feet and a parallel 17 foot countepoise that sloped up to about 35 foot high branch. I used #24 teflon wire and some 1/4 in plastic tubing cut into 7 in pieces which I taped to the wires as spacer. Lightweight and nearly invisible in the air makes it a good candidate for QRP portable ops. It’s long, but seems to hear well and worked even after I bent it into an L when I had to get under cover from the rain! Hope to do more testing  with this one.

Earning my Polar Bear wings by being out in the COLD. This Florida Bear ain’t used to below 40 degree wx. Brrrr and Grrrrrr!

Nite Ops from the backyard
Nite Ops from the backyard
Nite Ops from the Deck
Nite Ops from the Deck


  1. says

    Great report! Also spotted you in the Dec CQ magazine. Awesome job and keep up the great work!


  2. kmack says

    Ha! Didn’t know I was in CQ… what was that about? I’ll have to see what is cookin’ there.

    Good to hear from you. Have a good Thanksgiving Steve!

    Kelly K4UPG

  3. W2LJ says


    It’s a photo fo you and your grandson at Ozarkcon doing some kit building. It’s in the new kit building column.

    Larry W2LJ

  4. Martin says

    Hi, Kelly.

    Looks like a lot of fun!

    We’re doing some planning now for Winter Field Day 2010 – polar bear style :-)

    PB #20 (Dittie Bear)

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