Field Day at the Beach Jun 2009 — Hammock Mobile?
June 28th, 2009 by kmack

The last couple weeks have been busy at my office. This weekend we took some time off and headed to St Petersburg Beach. Since it was ARRL Field Day and I have not participated in that great event in almost 30 yrs, I took my Wilderness Sierra and Buddistick antenna and did some LAZY operating from the beach. My little 2.5 watts out didn’t break through too many pileups, but I had a great time listening to all the activity and being at the beach too.

You can only take so much Florida sun in one day… gets might hot. So I found a fine alternative and perhaps set a historic way to use the Buddistick. Check out my Hammock Mobile operating site. Buddistick is on the support pole.

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  • VE7QOZ writes:
    June 28th, 200911:53 pmat

    That is the only way to do it. Lying is a hammock and have a mic in one’s hand.

  • Bruce H McIntosh writes:
    June 29th, 20092:12 pmat

    Been there, done that, got the sunburns to prove it! :-) I’d operate one day from Indian Rocks Beach and one day from my inlaws’ back porch in Largo. Did that three years – 03, 04 and 05. In 06 I wised up and did the whole shootin’ match from the inlaws’ porch – no sunburn! Did the back porch thing again this year.

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