Stormy day project SLT+ clone
June 14th, 2009 by kmack

Definitely would prefer some on air time, but bad weather is threatening to roll into our area, so I am starting another project. This time it is a SLT+ tuner for end fed half wave use. Since I learned to be more careful in the setup phase when I built the NoGAWatt power meters, this project will attempt a bit more pre-planning.

Here’s the rough layout for the 4 States QRP Group new enclosure that I hope to use for this project.

Looks like it just might fit

Looks like it just might fit

Stay tuned for the next update… for now, I have to replace a battery on my Taurus in 95 degree heat.

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  • kmack writes:
    July 6th, 20098:09 pmat

    Stay tuned… decided to go with W5USJ’s design using RF Chokes instead of toroids. About got it ready for smoke testing. Decided to do that at the GatorCon09 event in front of witnesses. Call me crazy!

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