NoGAwatt K4UPG style
June 2nd, 2009 by kmack

Whew! It is finally put together and didn’t smoke when I put power on it. My new NoGAwatt power and SWR meter is in the enclosure at last. This is my first attempt to make a kit that did not provide an enclosure and hardware. Sure turned into a nice learning time and showed me how easy kit providers make the work appear!

Nogawatt by K4UPG

Nogawatt by K4UPG

Granted, I have stuffed too much in a small enclosure as well. For a novice builder, I learned thatI did not have the proper tools and equipment to make the task simple.  But despite the challenges, it was a fun project and with a bit more adjustment to get things to fit more comfortably, it is a nice addition to my shack! I put the mods in to include a switchable antenna/ internal dummy load  for testing and a 2 or 6 watt range. Pretty slick too! Later, I have to recheck the meter hookup as it seems to me that they are currently reading in reverse. But that can wait for another day!

On to the main course, getting back to aligning my Sierra and troubleshooting the low power output. Stay tuned!

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  • w1mdg writes:
    June 3rd, 20098:08 amat

    awesome. would love to see a shot of the inside though ;-)

  • kmack writes:
    June 3rd, 20099:15 amat

    After some in depth work with Photoshop I promise to post the innerds. It is Ugly Style at its finest! 73, K4UPG

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