A New Thing? Central Florida QRP Group is Forming!

This morning  14 March 2009, five Central Florida qrp ham radio operators met at a Perkins restaurant in Altamonte Springs at 0730 EDT. We were dreaming and scheming about getting a group together for portable ops, homebrew building sessions, elmer, and on-air cw practice and other activities. Some pretty sweet qrp rigs were on display too.

No officers, no members, no dues, just come and participate… any takers? Let us know and we’ll be glad to help you get hooked up. Contact K4AHO or K4UPG via the qrz.com info.

More details to come soon.


Kelly K4UPG


  1. Ed Cortes says


    My call is WP4AVW and I reside near Melbourne on the east side of the state. I will be interested on joining this group.



  2. kmack says

    Welcome Ed! Glad to meet you on the internet and look forward to an eyeball qso. We do not have any meetings until August due to summer vacation travel by members, but we’ll add you to our mailing list and keep you informed of our next meeting. Are you part of the group I’ve heard about over there? 73, Kelly K4UPG

  3. Gary KS4JI says


    I just heard about your group today and started looking on the web for your homepage. I am very interested in participating with your group. I am located in Lakeland, Florida.

    Anxious to hear from you,
    Gary KS4JI

  4. kmack says

    Hi Gary! Great that you found us! I’ll be in touch by email and you are very welcome to join us whenever you can.

    Kelly K4UPG

  5. Mike AC4UR says

    I’ve been too busy for the last two years with work/career and need to pick up my QRP activities. I was hoping we could have something local (I’m near Tampa). I noticed a lot of activity in the old novice band and hope to get my antenna repeaked for that sector. Was building a homebrew rig for 40 meters about two years ago and stopped everything. Now is the time to get moving again. Hope to meet you on the air or in person.

  6. kmack says

    Go for it Mike! The bands are getting better now and the number of QRP ops is strong. I think there used to be a QRP group in the Tampa area. Maybe you can connect with them? It is fun to gather and swap stories and do some portable ops.

    Hope to meet you on the air soon. If you get over this way let us know. You are welcome to join our group activities any time your schedule allows.

    Kelly K4UPG

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